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Agario Unblocked is a massively multiplayer top-down strategy browser game created by Matheus Valadares (also known as Zeach) that is based on the actual jelly-like substance agar. In, the player manipulates a circular cell using the mouse and keyboard buttons.

The goal of the game is to become the biggest cell in the arena (also known as map). To do so, the player has to eat smaller cells and pellets while trying to avoid larger cells. Originally, a browser game, entered Steam Greenlight and was subsequently “Greenlit” by the community, with the developers indicating that they planned to add more features not available in the web version of the game.

A mobile version was released in July 2015 after Miniclip purchased the game. Miniclip is still the current developer of both the web and mobile version of agario.

Agario Gameplay

The objective of is to grow a cell on a Petri dish by swallowing both randomly generated pellets (agar), which slightly increases a cell’s mass, and smaller cells, without being swallowed by even larger cells. The browser version currently holds five game modes: FFA (Free-For-All), Battle Royale, Teams, Experimental and Party.The mobile version of the game includes FFA (Free-For-All), Rush Mode, and Battle Royale.

The goal of the game is to obtain the largest cell; players must restart from a small cell when all their cells are eaten by larger players or fountain viruses. Players can change their cell’s appearance with predefined words, phrases, symbols, or skins. The more mass a cell has, the slower it will move. Cells will gradually lose a small amount of mass over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you make a agario private server?

Miniclip have not only enabled the ability for players to make their own servers again but they have also improved the official servers‘ bot protection.

Is agario full of Bots?

With a game as popular as, it is no surprise that bots have been made. The bots designed for have threat detection algorithms while, surprisingly, not considered cheating. They are very easy to detect, you can detect a bot by looking at the way it moves.

What are some games like agario?

On which platform is agario available?

Browser, Android, iOS

Can i play agario. Unblocked?

1. Download and install a VPS app to your choice.
2. Connect using the VPN.
3. Start playing agario Unblocked.

Agario controls

Use your mouse to play. Press W to eject mass, and spacebar to split yourself.

Agario Unblocked

agario Unblocked is a massively multiplayer strategy browser game created by Matheus Valadares that is based on the actual jelly-like substance agar.

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Operating System: Web Browser

Application Category: Game

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