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Action Defense Mobile

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy is an exciting mixture of base building, resource management, and strategic combat. Build your base and resource capacity, create a powerful upgradeable army, and attack enemies to earn medals and steal their resources. Band together with other players to form a corporation, and compete with other player teams to rule the leader boards.

Battle for the Galaxy is ideal for gamers who like to build epic planetary fortresses and forces powerful enough to destroy huge opposition settlements in seconds. This immensely fun game is free-to-play directly in your web browser – no sign up required! Become a Commander and rule your star fleet.


To build a powerful galactic fleet, you need a robust base. Protecting your assets should be taken as seriously as attacking. There are over 20+ buildings to construct and upgrade in Battle for the Galaxy. To defend your base, you can build walls, bunkers, tesla towers, and other futuristic weaponized defenses with colossal effects.

There’s a range of military buildings for producing and upgrading your capabilities. For example, the Tech Lab develops new technologies to give your troops more explosive power when attacking. Build a Corporate HQ and you’ll be eligible to apply for a corporation, where you can request forces directly from the corporation. Not only can you request troops, but you also get several boosts to speed up your progress in the game.


Battles are the key to progress, and addictively fun to engage in. Battling other players will not only increase your level, it’s also an opportunity to harvest their Titanium, the essential currency for buying and upgrading in Battle for the Galaxy. You can store your Titanium in storage buildings around your base.

Battle For The Galaxy Tips!

  • Upgrade your mines is very important. Because from it, you will get extra energy and Titanium. This two will help you to build new towers for the wars.
  • Defensive building. Yeah, this is the factor in order to decide you become the winner or the loser. But, I recommend you don’t upgrade your defensive building for the same time. Why? Because you will become vulnerable to attack. So, the opponents can easily attack your base camp. Of course, you don’t want that tragedy to happen, right? That’s why you need to avoid it at all cost.
  • Attacking is really important. If you want to get better resources, you need to attack another base camp. You will also get a medal from it. So, you will get many rewards just from attacking the opponent base camp.
  • The tower is very important aspects in the game. Is it true? The answer is yes. If you build all the available tower, your base will be hard to get destroyed by the opponent. All your supply or resources will be protected thanks to the tower.
  • Drone is your stuff here. Don’t forget to make them busy. In this game, a drone is very important to upgrade your stuff. So, make sure all the drone that you have is always upgrading something. So, you also save your time. Because every building has the time before it’s complete.
  • Planning is the key to victory. When you busy with another activity. I recommend you to plan what you need to upgrade or build in this game. Because it takes too long. So, you need to be careful about this one. So, when you don’t have time to play it, you can still manage to take good care of your game. For you who don’t know, a strategy game like this is really crucial if you leave it for a long time.

Game features:

  • Free-to-play massively multiplayer strategy game
  • Stunning 2D art and visual effects
  • 20+ buildings to construct and upgrade as you transform your small outpost into a mighty planetary fortress
  • Unlock additional upgrades for your troops, heroes, and technologies at your space base as well as turn your energy and titanium into anti-matter.
  • Recruit an army of Space Marines, Rocket Troopers, Giant Mechs, and Battle Cruisers. Each of the 10 units have unique attack abilities and multiple upgrades.
  • Recruit Heroes. Each of them have unique abilities and can be buffed with modules.
  • 50 single-player missions
  • Create Corporations with other players
  • Launch coordinated attacks on rival Corporations and compete for valuable rewards

Please Note: Battle for the Galaxy is free to download and play, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Battle for the Galaxy also has open clan chat, and for that reason you must be 13 years of age or older to download and play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who developed Battle for the Galaxy?

When was Battle for the Galaxy released?

September 2016

On which platform is Battle for the Galaxy available?

This game is a web browser game. It’s also available as an Android app and as an iOS app.

What are the controls for Battle for the Galaxy?

• Left click to interact with objects and buildings
• Left click to deploy troops during a battle

How do you join a corporation in Battle of the Galaxy?

The corporate HQ allows you join to a corporation. Once you have joined a corporation, you can request troops through the corporate HQ. These reinforcements can help you attack enemy bases. The higher the corporation building level, the more troops you can request.

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy is an exciting mixture of base building, resource management, and strategic combat for IOS and Android.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web Browser

Application Category: Game

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