Discord unblocked at school, college or work? This is how to get & use Discord unblocked & override those barriers even on Chromebooks.

Unblocked websites can get beyond network restrictions imposed by your institute’s system administrator. These will allow students and employees to engage in recreational activities in school or at work. Since Discord is being heavily used by the young population these days, schools or colleges have added it to the blocked list. So, if you are wondering how to use Discord unblocked at school or work, especially while using Chromebooks, here’s how to do it.

Method 1: Using A VPN

You have probably already heard about VPNs as they are advertised frequently across the internet.

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks create a tunnel to a virtual network that can be geographically located anywhere. Users can connect to this virtual network and send/receive information through the aforementioned tunnel, giving the impression that the user is located elsewhere.

The user’s IP address, actual location, personal information, and data will be completely hidden while the receiver (the website) will see altered data. Using this method, it is possible to provide the router with a different IP address and location, allowing you to bypass any restrictions, including the block on Discord Unblocked.

However, you will need to be wary, as some routers can be configured to completely block out VPN addresses, restricting access to the internet entirely.

Download one of the many popular VPNs such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, IP Vanish, or others and install it. Once you have installed it and created an account, select a location and enable the VPN.

After doing that, simply restart Discord Unblocked and check whether you can connect to a server. You shouldn’t encounter any issues as long as your VPN is left enabled.

Note: VPNs are rarely free. Some brands may offer free trials or several hundred megabytes free every month, but that probably won’t be enough. You will need to pay for one of their subscription plans to utilize the service to its full extent.

Method 2: Using A Smart DNS

DNS is a domain naming system that helps internet users around the world surf the web much more intuitively. Every website has an IP address, which is a long combination of numbers (e.g.

Memorizing hundreds of number combinations is unrealistic which is why we have turned these IP addresses into words i.e. domain names (Facebook, Discord, YouTube, etc).

A DNS resolver, on the other hand, is a server that handles that translation from domain name to IP address.

Whenever you want to access Discord Unblocked while on your school’s Wi-Fi, your computer sends the Discord domain name to a DNS resolver, which then gives you access to the website. However, once you go through the DNS resolver, the router blocks you from accessing the website.

A smart DNS will change your device’s DNS when trying to access certain websites. This may or may not work, depending on the type of restriction imposed by your school.

Method 3: Using A Proxy

A proxy or proxy server is probably the best way one can bypass the type of restriction placed by schools.

A proxy is a gateway between the user and the website/internet. It acts as a middle-man. You send the proxy a request to visit Discord, the proxy then sends and receives the required information to and from the website and relays it to you.

A proxy will usually make the browsing experience slower, but this is still better than being unable to access Discord Unblocked at all.

What makes this solution better than the alternatives is the fact there are tons of free proxies out there. Some of these will limit how much you can browse, but this won’t matter if you only need a proxy for Discord Unblocked.

Method 4: Access Discord Unblocked With Its IP Address

Previously we discussed what domain names are and that all websites have an IP address. You can also use an IP address to access a site directly.

As most schools try to regulate websites by blocking their domain names, you can use this to your advantage and access Discord. To obtain Discord’s IP address, here’s what you need to do.

First, open CMD. To do that, right-click the Start Menu icon and select Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell. Or you can simply press the Windows button + R, type cmd, and hit enter. Once CMD is open, type tracert Discord.com.

Discord Unblocked
Discord Unblocked

The red arrows in the image above are pointed at Discord’s IP address which is

You can now paste this IP address into your browser and hit enter. This should bypass the school’s restriction of Discord.

We recommend using the CMD command to ensure that Discord’s IP address hasn’t changed. This might not always work as it could instead redirect you to a Cloudflare error page.

Final Words On Unblocking Discord

The skills and knowledge of your school’s “tech guy” usually determine how successful you will be with unblocking Discord on their Wi-Fi. If the restriction is properly applied, none of these solutions are likely to work.

If it is only a low-effort restriction, you could be lucky enough to find at least one method that works for you.

When nothing else works, we recommend connecting your computer to the internet using your phone’s mobile data, via either cable or Bluetooth, so you can access Discord Unblocked that way.

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