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Arcade 2 Player Shooting

Raiden DX

Raiden DX is a vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up released in 1994 by Seibu Kaihatsu for Arcades. It is a revised version of Raiden II with new features.


Raiden DX plays much like Raiden II but with a few tweaks and additions. While levels are mostly the same, they feature different enemy formations and item placement, as well as three different courses which the player can choose at the beginning. Boss fights now run on a timer, and the player is graded at the end of the game on the number of enemies shot, secrets found and how long it took to defeat the bosses.

Medals now work differently from other games in the series. Once revealed, they begin to lose their color, with their point value decreasing gradually until the medal is completely gray. However, once the medal becomes gray it will blink once for a split second, granting a huge bonus when picked up during this time.

Raiden DX

Raiden DX (雷電DX, Raiden Dīekkusu) is an alternate version of Raiden II. It has three different game modes: a 15-minute long unbroken stage that does not allow players to continue, the first five stages of Raiden II, and eight stages (plus one bonus) with new layouts. Raiden DX was ported to the PlayStation in Japan.

Raiden DX Game modes

Mission Alpha

A 15-minute single level with only one boss right at the end. The player can progress to a harder version of Missions Bravo and Charlie by playing perfectly, collecting all secrets, shooting down most enemies, and not dying and bombing at all.

Mission Bravo

A beginner mode spanning the first five stages of Raiden II. Like Mission Alpha, all the new mechanics and secrets apply here.

Mission Charlie

A game mode spanning all eight stages of Raiden II, with an extra stage after the 8th stage.

The stage layouts are completely remade. New enemies come into play, as well as new attack formations and new shot patterns for the bosses. The frequency of enemy encounters is increased compared to the earlier games. The new Raiden DX game mechanics are in play here, providing a different experience from the earlier games.

Who developed Raiden DX?

Seibu Kaihatsu

When was the game released?

1994 (Arcade)
1997 (PSX, NSI)

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Raiden DX Video

Raiden DX Embed

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