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Action Shooter


Superhot Unblocked is an independent first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed and published by Superhot Team. Though the game follows traditional first-person shooter gameplay mechanics, with the player attempting to take out enemy targets using guns and other weapons, time within the game progresses at normal speed only when the player moves; this creates the opportunity for the player to assess their situation in slow motion and respond appropriately, making the gameplay similar to strategy video games. The game is presented in a minimalist art style, with enemies in red and weapons in black, in contrast to the otherwise white and grey environment.


Superhot sets the player in a minimalistic environment, taking out hostile attackers that are trying to kill them. Weapons picked up by the player have limited ammunition and break easily, requiring the player to rely on defeating enemies to attain new weapons, or making melee kills. Taking a single hit from an enemy bullet kills the player, requiring them to restart the level.

Though the game mechanics are typical of most shooters, time only progresses normally when the player moves or fires a gun, otherwise time is slowed; this is described in the game’s tagline “Time Moves Only When You Move”. This gives the player the opportunity to alter their actions as to avoid the path of bullets or to better assess their current situation.

Superhot VR

A new set of levels was developed for the virtual reality version of the game. The player’s avatar reacts to the player’s body, head, and hand movements; in keeping with the “time only moves when you move” concept, in-game time only progresses when the player makes deliberate movement with their body; turning their head to assess the situation, or making small twitches to the body do not cause time to progress.

The player’s avatar can only move in a small space from their location on the level (mapping to how the player moves around themselves); after defeating a small wave of enemies, they grab onto a virtual object to jump them to a new location within the level. Following the campaign, the player unlocks a similar endless mode as the non-VR title.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Difference between superhot and superhot Mind Control delete?

For starters, the main difference between Superhot and Mind Control Delete is the amount of content being offered to players. … In the end, Mind Control Delete seems to come out on top with superior designs and also offers more environments for players to play around in than the first game.

Is superhot and superhot VR different?

No. VR is a different game with different levels, plot, mechanics and some new weapons. It has been created specifically for VR and it’s more than a port. The game had to be constructed from the scratch for new platforms so it was a perfect chance to bring something new to the game.

How much does superhot cost on steam?

$9.99 U.S. Dollar

Will there be a superhot 2?

Mind Control Delete is four times larger than the original, will be free to existing owners. Yesterday, Superhot Team announced a direct sequel to its time-bending 2016 hit which is scheduled to arrive later this month on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Superhot Unblocked

Superhot Unblocked is an independent first-person shooter (FPS) video game in VR developed and published by Superhot Team September 2013.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web browser

Application Category: Game

Editor's Rating:
Vex 5

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