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Arcade 2 Player Fighting Sports

The Final Round

The Final Round, (“Hard Puncher: Bloodsoaked Glory”) released in Japan as Hard Puncher, is a boxing arcade game released by Konami in 1988.

A player selects one of two different boxers, and they fight another boxer in a three-round bout. If the player wins, he moves on to the next opponent, climbing the KBA (Konami Boxing Association) rankings along the way. If he loses, he can insert another coin for another chance (rematch). Fights can be won by either knockout, technical knockout or the judges’ decision.

The Final Round Gameplay

When a one-player game is started in The Final Round, one of two different boxers can be selected by pressing the one or two player button. The player then allocates 100 points between three different skills (Speed, Power, and Stamina). A high “Speed” level makes a boxer move and punch faster. A high “Power” level makes a boxer cause more damage when punching, and a high “Stamina” level makes a boxer endure more damage and recover more energy after being knocked down.

When a two-player game is started in The Final Round, both boxers allocate their points and fight against each other. The winner stays, while the loser may get a rematch by inserting another coin. During a normal game, a second player can buy-in and challenge at any time (except during “training sessions”).


  • Jabbin’ Jim (Player 1)
    Modeled after Sylvester Stallone’s role as Rocky Balboa from the Rocky franchise as well as Lance Bean from the Contra franchise. Known as Rocky Smith in the Japanese version.
  • Gentleman Joe (Player 2)
    Modeled after Bill Rizer who is also from the Contra franchise. Known as Joe Vulcan in the Japanese version.
  • Knockout Nick (KBA Rank: #7)
    A lookalike of Mr. T‘s role as Clubber Lang from the film Rocky III (1982), but slow and weak. Known as Mr. Mohican in the Japanese version.
  • Red Falco (KBA Rank: #6)
    Seasoned boxer from England, his name is a play on “Red Falcon” from the Contra game series.
  • Mad Mongol (KBA Rank: #5)
    Mongolian slugger skilled in fast flurries.
  • Iron Drago (KBA Rank: #4)
    A tough Soviet fighter, based on Dolph Lundgren’s role as Ivan Drago from the film Rocky IV.
  • Steel Fist Fritz (KBA Rank: #3)
    Powerful boxer from Italy. Named Mark Rentz in the Japanese version.
  • Bronx Bruiser (KBA Rank: #2)
    Fast and unpredictable Brazilian fighter. Named Avege Hidev in the Japanese version.
  • Harlem Hit Man (KBA Rank: #1)
    Murderous hitter of unknown origins. Named Marvin Cobra in the Japanese version.
  • Black Stallion (KBA Champion)
    Based on Mike Tyson, he’s durable, strong and very fast.

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Cheats, Tricks, Bugs, and Easter Eggs

Here’s a good trick that can work against the computer when you’re playing in a one player game. You can get quite far, but it’s a bit boring: press block twice to get your guard up high (covering your face) then waltz over to the opponent and hammer both punch buttons. Wiggling the joystick occasionally will pull off a power move. As long as you punch the opponent constantly until he goes down, he never manages to get up again.


The Final Round

The Final Round, ("Hard Puncher: Bloodsoaked Glory") released in Japan as Hard Puncher, is a boxing arcade game released by Konami in 1988.

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