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Top Guns.io

Top Guns.io Unblocked is multiplayer online battle royale shooting game developed by MOBASO in January 2020 for Android and April 2022 as WebGL.

Top Guns.io Unblocked is an online version of a quality action game where you can play a classic deathmatch or battle royal. The control is really simple, aiming is automatic, so all you have to do is move around and shoot at the enemy at the right time. For example, you can use shrubs to your advantage, where you can hide and wait for the right moment. In the game you get coins for which you can buy new characters or weapons. You also have daily tasks for which you can earn rewards.

How to Play Top Guns.io Unblocked

Move and aim with WASD, press Space to shoot. Earn XP by slaying foes and collecting precious gemstones. Each new milestone comes with a choice of several upgrades. Use the mouse to select the desired option and become more powerful. Left-click the green cross icon to heal. Hide in the bushes to stay out of sight. Every frag awards the winner of the encounter some coins. Spend them at the store in the main menu. Purchase cool skins and superior guns. Reach rank 5 to access the Battle Royale mode.

Join the most enjoyable TPS of recent years. Top Guns IO is free and runs without installation in any browser. Check it out, master the controls, and dominate competitors for hours on end.

Top Guns.io Unblocked Games

Top Guns.io Unblocked Features:

  • Play online and offline
  • Battle against real players
  • Super easy controls
  • 2-minute battles
  • 10+ weapon types
  • 8+ unique heroes
  • Different game modes
  • Lots of maps with unique gameplay

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

who developed the game?

when was the game released?

January 2020 (Android)
April 2022 (WebGL)

Top Guns.io Video

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