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IO Games Multiplayer Shooter Unblocked is a science fiction game where you will fight with different robots in 3D environments. Welcome to the intense multiplayer robot battles of! Select the game mode that you like to play in and get ready. In the game you control a mighty robot that needs to eliminate other robots in the arena. Collect scattered power-ups to make your robot stronger. When level up, you can gain a random perk. Use the gold that you earn to buy stronger robots. Have fun!

In case you are looking for an io game with good graphics then you can play in your free times. You will control a robot and your goal is to eliminate your opponents. You can collect different bonuses on the map in order to improve your stats. In addition to this, there are also golds on the map. Collect these golds to upgrade your stats and buy new robots to play. game is one of the best io games that you can play in your free times. Keep in mind that we share io games unblocked servers on our pages. You can also find io games list on our website in case you want to explore new io games. It is possible for you to find all existing io games and their mods in here. You will never feel regret by exploring new games.

How to Play

Players can move their robots with WASD keys. You can shoot with the left click of your mouse. Moreover, you can use dash with the right click of the mouse. When you click on the spacebar, you can set the camera angle.

Tips and Tricks

You will be playing in a 3D environment with 3D characters. Therefore you have to play the game on computers with enough graphics cards. Otherwise, you may experience many lag issues while playing the game.

Keep in mind that your robot has unlimited bullets however you have to change your magazine from time to time. The robot changes it automatically and can shoot 9 bullets with a single magazine.

As godmods we offer unblocked servers on our page. You can find the list of mods from the right section and download hacks.

  • – Upgrade Robots to defeat enemies and survive as long as possible.
  • – Utilize walls & traps to attack your opponents in different ways.
  • – Play with friends from all over the world, with up to 100 at a time.
  • – Come up with tactics for a strategic gameplay!
  • Simple Controls
  • – You can learn how to dodge, evade, and dash in merely 10 seconds.
  • Real-time Upgrade System
  • – Enhance with Attack/Defense Capsules acquirable during battle.
  • Fair Survival Game
  • – Only your skills are essential because everyone starts on the same page.
  • Chance for a reversal at any time!
  • – Avoid the dazzling cliffs and terrifying explosions, hide behind walls, and aim at the enemy’s back!
  • * You are the world’s best Warbot pilot to resolve the future global crisis!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was released?

November 2017.

Who made the game?

Wondersquad, a South Korean game developer company.

What features does the game have?

Various robot models
Lots of power-ups
Realistic 3D environment
Time-based game mode

On which platform is the game available?

Desktop browser
iOS app
Android app

What are the controls for

WASD to move
Left and right arrow to rotate camera
Space to use booster
Left click to shoot
Right click to lock/unlock mouse camera view Unblocked is a science fiction game where you will fight with different robots. Collect power-ups to make your robot stronger.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web browser

Application Category: Game

Editor's Rating:

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