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Warzone Getaway 2020

Warzone Getaway 2020 is the ultimate shooting game available in HTML5 today. Defend your jeep from wave after wave of onrushing enemies. Be sure to upgrade your guns, turrets and stock up on handy grenades! You can also call some fantastic and famous air support! Earn more XP to unlock all 5 special attacks!

Warzone Getaway 2020 is set in a Middle-Eastern battlefield, with the allied forces trying to escape from the rebel terrorist forces in their hummer jeep. They’ve managed to extract crucial intelligence information and the enemy really don’t want it to be leaked! In the beginning, your jeep will be attacked by simple bike soldiers. Things swiftly become more serious though, with your jeep becoming besieged by a plethora of military jeeps, heavy tanks, rocket motorbikes and helicopters in Warzone Getaway 2020! If you have the battle skills to reach the end, a ferocious laser tank boss fight awaits you. Can you escape the battlegrounds alive?

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can shoot civilian and innocent vehicles to earn extra cash! This can really help towards affording the next upgrade.
  • Only shoot the civilian vehicles if your jeep is safe – don’t waste time on them if your jeep is under heavy attack!
  • Don’t try to buy every single weapon and turret! You need to be selective!
  • Defensive turrets and Soldiers shoot automatically. The better your idle defences are, the less damage your jeep will take!
  • There are 5 blisteringly cool special attacks. New ones unlock when you achieve enough Experience Points.
  • Keep an eye on your health! Don’t enter a level with health points too low. You can repair health in the Support area of the shop screen.
  • Grenades and Oil Barrels are really useful if you are under pressure! Use them at the optimal time!
  • Shooting Oil Tankers gives a huge explosion that causes major damage to all enemies!
  • Upgraded weapons have a higher damage, magazine capacity and fire rate!
  • You can reload automatically when empty, but the best players will reload manually when they have low ammo and there is a break in enemies.

Warzone Getaway 2020 Features:

  • 7 badboy guns
  • Machine guns, flame throwers, tesla coils, rockets, lazers and a tonne of other defense turrets!
  • 23 challenging levels
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master
  • Big explosions. Lots of them. Seriously, things go kaboom a lot and it is TREMENDOUS!

Who developed Warzone Getaway 2020?

When was Warzone Getaway 2020 released?

May 2020

What are the controls for Warzone Getaway 2020?

Desktop Controls:

Left or right mouse button to shoot
R to reload
Z to use grenades
X to use oil
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, C to call for air support

Mobile Controls:

On mobile, touch the left hand side of screen to aim, and the right hand side to shoot.

On which platform is Warzone Getaway 2020 available?

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Warzone Getaway 2020 Video

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